Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today was a very important day for me as a instructor and business owner. My professor Giva Santana flew in from California to spend the rest of the week with me properly breaking in my new facility. On Saturday we will hold our official grand opening and get to train and mingle with friends past, present, and future.

Training, simply put, was AWESOME today. Giva never ceases to amaze me with his attention to detail and tricky setups. He tricks you into thinking you are making the right choice and then instantly capitalizes on your reaction. I can honestly tell you that after nearly 14 years of training in BJJ Giva always adds something to my game.

It means a lot to me to be able to share this time with Giva, as well as to share Giva with my team. He has been an inspiration to me for all of the years that I've known him. If I become half of the BJJ practitioner/instructor he is I will be happy. On top of that, you will never meet a more honest, pure, and honorable individual in your life. I'm very proud to call him my professor and even more proud to call him my friend for so many years!