Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wow, nearly three years!


It's been nearly three years since my last post on here! Lots of noteable things have happened since my last post. Here is a list that covers just a few of the major ones:

11/8/08 Won team Gi trophy at The Revolution
3/13/10 Won team Gi trophy and Overall team trophy at The Revolution
4/10/10 Rick Geist takes gold in his division and the open weight divison at the Pan Am
4/10/10 Jeff Bourgeois takes silver in his division at the Pan Am

There are many more great things that I'm sure slipped my mind, but those are the ones that currently stand out. We just launched our re-designed website at www.fosterbjj.com last night. Also, we will be moving into our new LARGER facility in June!

Now that this blog is linked to the website I plan on trying to keep up on regular updates, so please bug me if I don't!