Monday, June 27, 2011

The day has finally come!


One of my students has broken into the big leagues and will be fighting at UFC 132 this coming weekend! His name is Jeff Hougland and he runs my affiliate school in Enumclaw, WA called Combat Sport & Fitness. Jeff is on an impressive 8 fight win streak and definitely earned his shot in the big show! Checkout the article from when the news broke at

This weekend will mark a couple of "firsts" for me. First off, I've never been to Las Vegas so I'm interested to see if it's all it's been cracked up to be :) Secondly, this will be my first time cornering a fight at the UFC. I'm incredibly excited and can't wait for Jeff to show the world what he can do! For those interested, you should be able to watch Jeff's fight on the streaming prelim fights that will be showing on the UFC's facebook page. Make sure to tune in and thanks for all of your support! OSS....

Coach Foster

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